A Guide to Planning a Garden Wedding In Spring

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding for Spring 2017? Spring is such very popular time for your special occasion and you can see why – new beginnings, baby animals, fields of flowers and soft sun to name a few of the many reasons why having a Spring wedding can add that extra special touch. This is why today I’m very excited to welcome Chloe Clarkson, who is a feature writer for My Favourite Voucher Codes, on my blog. Chloe loves to romanticise about weddings, enjoys blogging and she’s written a fantastic guest post on a guide to planning a garden wedding in Spring (featuring lots of pretty images to inspire you brides and grooms to be!) She’s focused on achieving pretty Springtime styling for your wedding décor and has broken it down into choosing your venue, wedding colours, dress/suit, entertainment and final touches.


Over to Chloe…

Spring symbolises new beginnings, new life and the ability to refresh and renew. But planning a wedding without guaranteed sun can cloud the imagination. Too often have optimistic garden weddings swamped a bride’s feet in mud. Too often have generic pastel colours removed magic from a special couple. But have no fear. This ultimate guide features many great ways and inspirations to make a spring wedding blossom.

The first step you need to take may surprise you. While many wedding enthusiasts may encourage you to decide on the venue first, if you are positive that you and your partner will enjoy a garden wedding during the spring season, it would be more practical to decide on the precise month and have a couple of dates in mind for your big day. In many countries including most of Europe and America, spring can be an incredibly varied season. A spring closer to winter may present snow while a spring closer to summer may give the opportunity for gentle rays of sun. When you have an estimated wedding date, take a look at a number of weather forecasts. What is the predicted weather? No matter the prediction it is still important to prepare for all possibilities, yet with this background knowledge you can consider a garden venue that will be more likely to be appropriate for you.

Choosing Your Venue

The first step is complete, now it’s time to choose your garden venue. It is always advised that you visit the venue personally with your partner. Consider wearing shoes similar to what you’d like to wear during your wedding. If you find that your heel sinks into the ground or if you find particular areas to have the potential to be very muddy, consider whether you would be willing to be flexible and wear alternative footwear and change into after-wedding/reception clothing so you don’t ruin your fine wedding dress or suit. If you are not willing to compromise, the venue isn’t right for you. Do note that while they are beautiful, many garden venues near a river or lake are more likely to be muddy during a spring shower.

Many garden venues promise to offer a marquee and may even offer a building for guests to roam through, throughout the day. Marquees are fine for a gentle heat, but can be very uncomfortable without air conditioning should the weather become very hot and can feel very cold should it be raining outside. If a venue does offer a marquee, make sure to have a look at it first or take a close look at their photos. They truly vary in quality.

Some venues may be able to offer special events and entertainment such as horse-riding, falconry or archery. These activities could be particularly special if you hold such activities as a personal passion. Don’t forget to check the extent of what a venue can offer before making up your decision.


Choosing Your Wedding Colours

If you are keen on having distinctly beautiful wedding photos, you need to plan your wedding theme colours in advance. Suitable wedding theme colours will potentially differ according to the predicted weather forecast and of course, your personal favourite colours.

If you take a look at the colour ideas to the left, you’ll notice a creative blend of blues and peaches. Blue is a great colour to acknowledge the colder time of the year in a stylish manner. It is a beautiful colour to wear on a rainy day as it subtly stands out from the grey but it is not too bold. Optimistic colours such as bright yellow will work well for the warmer side of spring, but could be catastrophic during the colder side as it will emphasise the rainy weather in your wedding photos.

Peach is a common wedding colour and is often an asset in most wedding themes. If you take a note of the peach coloured roses and the large white flowers, you’ll notice that they complement each other well. Many florists and designers have long noticed this and often mix the colours together, especially when it comes to floral designs.

If you are positive that your spring wedding will be warm weather, considering dropping the blue colour and adopting more pinks and greens. If you’ve been absolutely promised a warm Spring then why not add some red too. It will look great with the other colours, especially if you are careful about not adding too much.


Choosing your wedding dress or suit

There are three essential aspects in choosing your wedding dress/suit; confidence, comfort and practicality. When you wear the item does it make you feel good? Do you feel confident walking around in it? Does it make you feel beautiful or handsome? Yes? Good. Then consider the next aspect. Is it comfortable? Are they any attachments to this item, are there any long sleeves? Will these get in the way for you? Can you easily move around in this item, and if not, are you okay with requiring assistance throughout the wedding? Would you be happy to eat and drink in this item, or will you be wearing something else for the reception? Once you’ve decided this you can move on to the final most important aspect. Is this item practical?

Garden weddings are prone to spectrum of weather types, from sun to snow, if the weather should announce its presence in full swing, will your item of clothing be practical? If you are prone to the cold but prefer a sleeveless dress, consider purchasing a gown or stylish jacket that you could wear over your dress should it get cold. You’ll notice in the photo above that the woman is in fact wearing a very stylish gown to cover her shoulders at their spring wedding.

Once you have decided that the item will make you feel good and happy throughout the day, then you can decide whether it will suit your spring wedding. More than often, it will, as spring weddings do not necessarily require a particular themed item. However particular designs that include lace, flowers and coloured ties will work especially well. If you’re worried that you’re not quite reaching your desired theme, you may find that accessories help. In particular, flowers in the hair or pocket are very popular in spring themed weddings and will make you stand out magnificently.



One factor that makes Spring weddings incredibly special are the Spring themed decorations. Flowers are a common favourite and there are plenty of ways to use floral and natural decorations creatively. For example, in the beautiful photo below, you can use green leaves to border the white, draped curtains. There are white flowers that define the corners of a triangle and are not too overwhelming. This style gives the prop a mature and formal look and suggests a clear appreciation for nature.

On the other hand, flowers can add a generous amount of colour to your wedding. This will work especially well nearer the warmer part of spring. You can drape flowers from the ceiling of marquees, outside buildings, along fences and even by the wedding cake. Another great idea is to sprinkle large quantities of flower petals across the aisle. This will look incredible and will really bring to home your spring theme.

But a Spring wedding isn’t always just about the flowers. With permission from the wedding venue, you could also decorate local trees with candles and lights to give the garden a real romantic touch. Decorations made out of paper also work well in spring weddings, consider paper lamp holders for electric lights, paper swans or roses on tables and other inspired paper designs. Just be sure to keep any candles you use far away from any paper to prevent accidents!


The Music and Entertainment

Any Spring wedding will appreciate live music and/or events. Usually in Spring garden venues there is an open barn or some kind of platform that has access to electricity. Consider asking family and friends if they would like to perform at your wedding. Also consider hiring professionals too, if your budget allows. Particularly well themed live music and events could include:

  • Violins or a small string quartet
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Harpist
  • Folk music
  • Magicians or illusionists
  • Interactive falconry
  • Horse-riding
  • Folk storytelling
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Wine tasting
  • Guided tours of the garden
  • Spring themed dance


The Final Touches

Don’t forget that items such as wedding invitations and wedding cakes can have beautiful aesthetic touches to emphasis the beauty of nature and therefore spring. Finally, the secret to the best garden wedding in Spring is to celebrate life to the full, relax and enjoy your wedding with your partner.


Thank you, Chloe, for a creative insight into putting together a Spring wedding style; there are some fantastic ideas (I especially love the Easter egg hunt entertainment – great one for both kids and adults! Why not hide your favours inside a craft egg for your guests to find?)

There’ll be more inspiration on the blog soon guys!


Ela ❀


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