A Guide to Snapchat, Filters & Your Wedding or Event!

Ever swiped right on Snapchat in a particular place and noticed they have a custom filter that’s specific to their location, venue or event? For example, locations in London have customised Snapchat filters, as do airports, festivals and big events. Well, recently Snapchat have made it possible to have your very own personalised filter – how cool is that?! Filterfy create custom Snapchat filters for private events, parties, weddings and festivals. They have a collection of filters that you can personalise or, alternatively, you can get a completely bespoke one designed for your special event. Read on to find out more about what Snapchat filters are and how to get one…


People love Snapchat, it is personal, private and fun. The only people who see your Snaps are those that you want to see them, and no one else. With Snapchat you get to see your family and friends faces or a little moment of their day. Its visual, fun and moreish!

Plus it is the trendiest social network at the moment. It now has more daily users than Twitter at 100 million. 9,000 photos are shared every single second! Plus 10 billion video views daily. Incredible.

And now you can customise Snapchat in your own little way with a filter.

What is a filter?

A filter is an overlay which is applied to a photo taken on Snapchat. Essentially, they are words and pictures imposed on top of the photo. If you are a user then you will have seen the ones that are themed on attractions or landmarks at your current location. The filters change depending on your location and are sometimes referred to as a Geofilters.

These filters had only been available to those who were willing to part with a fair bit of money or the community ones based on landmarks/attractions. But in early in 2016 Snapchat opened them up to allow anyone to upload their own filter to be used on the app. You set the date, the time and the location that you would like the filter and it will be there to use. For example, you could set the location to be over your event reception venue all afternoon and evening.

Surprisingly despite being available for 6 months, they’re relatively undiscovered. Now you can share your event like never before.


How much is this going to cost me?

To upload, Snapchat’s charges start from only $5 (circa £3.80) for 8 hours covering 20,000 square feet. This can be increased to 30 days and 5 million square feet but of course the price goes up accordingly.

For example:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 06.45.38

For example, it costs less than $30 (about £22) to cover the whole of Cardiff Museum from 4pm to midnight.

Can I create one myself?

You sure can! If you are capable with Photoshop, the world is your oyster (although Snapchat do have a few design restrictions, which are listed here). Stick to these and you are free to design your very own filter for your day! With Photoshop, there is an incredible range of fonts you can use and colour any way you fancy. Classic ones in gold, squiggly ones in pink or modern ones in black. If you’re feeling artistic then you could have little cartoon versions of yourselves, the works! There is the top of the screen to utilise, there also the bottom and maybe even a border. You’re welcome to visit our website for some ideas. The only word of warning I would give is to please be careful with licences for fonts and graphics available online.

If you’re not confident with Photoshop and design, then at Filterfy we have affordable filters lovingly designed by our Photoshop Queen that only require the change to your names and the date before they’re ready to go! All you need to do is submit your details and we’ll send you one ready to go.

I have the one I want, what is next?

Upload to Snapchat! This is done through their website. It is a simple process involving uploading the file, selecting the time and date you would like it to appear, then select the area (using Google Maps) and then pay. They will then confirm they’ve received it. They’ll check the file to ensure it passes their guidelines and then email you to confirm it has been accepted.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 06.44.15

Your filter will then appear on Snapchat as instructed ready for your guests to use. All they need to do is take a photo on Snapchat, swipe right or left and it will be there for your guests to use! Their pictures will have your little stamp on it and then shared.

Don’t forget to ask your guests to save the best ones, they’ll be worth saving for the photo album!



So, what do you think? Yay or nay to personalised Snapchat filters?

Stay posted for more alternative wedding inspiration!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ela ❀

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