Around The World Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Phileas Fogg had the right idea, but squeezing 200 exuberant wedding guests into a hot air balloon might challenge the most talented illusionist. Moreover, an 80-day reception might stretch even the most generous of wedding budgets.

But hey, what a fabulous theme for your wedding reception!

Now you could have something that links every element of the day to one country, or the more daring amongst you might consider a range of themes that keep guests intrigued whichever way they turn. Put simply, it’s a chance to have fun and deliver something truly unique.

The Italian job!

We’ve all seen the film, whether that’s the original Michael Caine version or the more recent Mark Wahlberg adaptation. Slick suits, essential dark shades, close-cut dresses, stylish cocktails and fast cars – all fused together with those vibrant Italian flag’s colours.

A surprise soprano like Hayley The Classical Vocalist could set the mood early evening, before a classy but racy ensemble raises the temperature. So maybe the lively but uber-sophisticated South East String Quartet? They will appeal to everyone with their eclectic play list that plucks its way through the decades.


Of course the most English of cars – the marvellous Mini – must make an appearance. Have a couple parked up at the reception; get married in an open-top version, or at least have some really different photos taken with the bride’s dress filling the car. And the happy couple should surely disappear into the sunset at speed in a Mini resplendent in British racing green!


A Rio Carnival

Dream big! Hire amazing entertainers in full carnival regalia – jugglers, stilt walkers and fire eaters. This theme has to be about the colour and noise, with guests encouraged to dress to impress with extravagance the name of your wedding day.

The kids in attendance will love it, and that makes everyone else smile. Have popcorn and balloon stands, carnival tickets will mark the guest’s dinner places, while ticker-tape and streamers will fill the air. And why not capture those rainbow colours on canvass. Rich The Caricaturist is quick enough on the draw to include all of your guests as they get into the party spirit.


And then dance the night away. A Brazilian act like Tropicalia Show Band is a real winner. Watch as everyone throws off their jackets to join the party. What an infectious dance troupe – bringing feathers, shakers, whistles, steel drums and the soaring sound of trumpets to raise the roof. Make sure you have plenty of space!


Viva Las Vegas

This one’s all about the show, the razzmatazz and every excess that America has to offer. The suits and dresses will be outlandish, probably sparkling, and if you’re going all-out Vegas then you just must be married by Elvis (oh, the registrars – they will dress up if you ask nicely).

If there’s a handyman on your team then make that reception marquee look like a chapel entrance, style your buffet like an American diner, and serve burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes while dancing girls with pom-poms strut their stuff.

And why not pick an era, the late 1950s or 60s, with doo wop sounds to energise the late evening dancing. Vintage Entertainment fits the bill, a talented soloist covering Doris Day, The Shirelles and of course The King himself!


Irish barn dance

Closer to home, imagine the authentic look and feel of a barn-themed wedding, out in the country, a huge brick and wood structure festooned with banqueting tables, barrels of ale, whiskies on the bar, bales of straw and a stage generating rich and organic sounds with every movement.

And the outfits are a joy; loud shirts, waistcoats, dandy hats and maybe a Celtic kilt for the more adventurous gentlemen, while the ladies bring flowing, colourful dresses and quaint hats to the party. Remember: any Irish gig will get you hot under the collar, so keep that clothing loose!


A rustic foot-tapping barn dance will warm hearts as the food and drink flows to the sound of fiddles, bass, accordions, whistles and fast and furious beats. Folk and Ceilidh dancing from a celebrated outfit like Keltus will bring energy and vibrant memories to any wedding. The band combines up to five musicians but sounds like fifty!


Mexican Mariachi

If you like it hot and spicy, immerse yourself in Mexican culture that fuses colourful fashions, ancient traditions and infectious music. If you’re feeling extravagant you could hire Charro riders to escort your carriage, or greet guests on horseback at your outdoor event. They look magnificent, with red neckerchiefs, huge sombrero hats and bearing the Mexican flag.

The food, well, take everyone through a dazzling array of spicy dishes – from warm and tingly, to the seriously feisty. Beefed-up tacos, chilli dishes, avocado sides, veggie fajitas and jalapeno beans.

Of course you must work off that fabulous food, so roll out The Burrito Boys. Ride that Mexican wave as this vibrant trio serenade, sing-a-long and surprise in equal measures. Every classic you thought you knew with twists aplenty. Joyous guitars and trumpets are guaranteed.


Tour de France

Falling in love with Paris is easily done, and bringing some French charm to your wedding can add a little “je ne sais quoi”, if you know what we mean! Okay, a dash of something, well, just typically French.

For starters the décor and props can be great fun. Go with the stereotypes and hang strings of garlic and onions, prop old-fashioned bicycles against the wall, create bistro signs and give guests red berets, false moustaches and flamboyant silk scarves. And if you’re feeling daring, hand out garlic-infused snails with a shot of Ricard or Pernod to wash them down.

The wedding entertainment options are endless. If you’d like the style of music that fills many French streets, then imagine The Accordion Player creating that Gallic vibe at your reception. Go further with the amazingly talented French Mime Artist who will have everyone doubled-up as he brings comedy moments and unbelievable illusions to the celebrations.


Whatever national costume you put on, and whatever wedding entertainment you hire, make it your own. Enjoy!

Thank you to Tracey of Warble Entertainment for this fantastic post. For more information on wedding entertainment ideas and acts for your wedding or event, head over to Warble Entertainment, who have such a great choice of entertainment, live bands, DJs and unique acts for your wedding or event!

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