DIY Video Tutorial: Wooden Wedding Signs

I’m really looking forward to showing all you brides and grooms-to-be my STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL and VIDEO to guide you in creating your own rustic, wooden wedding signs. Wedding signs are a fantastic way of fully including your guests in your day and they can tell a wonderful story. Why not welcome your guests to your wedding with fun wording like “Jessica and Sam are getting hitched!” or “Welcome to the best day ever!” ? Timetable of the day signs are another popular option as they display the order of events, so guests know what to expect and feel more included in your wedding day plans.

So, today I’m going to show you how to create a fun sign that reads: “Come as you are, Stay as long as you can, We’re all family here, No seating plan.” I made this sign for one of my couples who wanted a really relaxed atmosphere, where everyone just had a great time. I love this sign as I think it makes guests feel more at home and able to mix and mingle with people they perhaps don’t know very well or haven’t met before – you could either use this sign for your ceremony seating or for your wedding breakfast. Prettify it with some foliage, dip dyed tassels, ribbon garlands or something different again to give it that wow factor.


What You’ll Need:
Treated timber wood (B&Q)
Ronseal Dark Oak Fence Life Wood Stain
An old bucket or bowl
Wall paint brush
Good quality nails
Posca paint pens in white (1.5mm and 2.5mm)
A pencil
A4 paper
A laptop/computer and regular printer

I’ve split the tutorial into two stages. Stage one includes a step-by-step written guide to getting, sawing and staining your wood. Stage two includes the writing section, which is all visible in the video below. Enjoy!

1. Buy treated timber wood (I bought mine from B&Q) in your desired size
2. Using a saw, or an electric saw if you have one, cut 4 planks of wood to your desired length (I cut each of mine to slightly different lengths, for a more random, quirky look). Each plank should be the same height.
4. Next, cut two thinner planks to attach to the back of your sign, enabling it to stand up. Make sure the ends of these two planks are cut into points (like an upside down triangle) as this will allow you to hammer the sign into the ground sturdily
4. Mix two parts Ronseal Fence Life wood stain in Dark Oak with one part water (to dilute it slightly) in an old bucket or sink bowl
5. Using a large wall paint brush, coat the first layer of your wood stain solution onto all 6 planks and leave them to dry somewhere cool for 12 hours
6. After they are dry, apply another coat of wood stain and repeat this process until your are happy with the colour. It only took me two layers to achieve the colour you see in the video below
7. Make sure all of your wood is fully dry before you begin the writing!

1. Measure the height and width of each plank of wood and make a note of each one
2. Open a Microsoft Word document and choose the font you would like for your sign
3. Choose a suitable font size to ensure the wording fits onto your wooden planks. Don’t worry if some of the letters in a word continue onto a separate page (you’ll be cutting out the letters anyway, so it doesn’t matter)
4. Write out the wording for your sign, choose black colour for your font and ensure the font is filled in. Then, print your wording using your regular printer on A4 paper
5. Starting with the first line “Come as you are” (put the other wording aside), cut each word out individually
6. Turn over the word “Come” and using your pencil, scribble over the back of the printed paper and do this for all of your words (cut out, turn over, scribble)
7. Once you’ve finished scribbling, stick the first line “Come as you are” onto the top plank of wood with selotape (as you can see from the video, I nailed together my sign before writing, but I would advise doing it the other way around – write your words before nailing together your wooden sign). Ensure your wording is placed centrally and straight on your plank of wood
8. Now, using your pencil again, firmly trace over the outline of each word (you do need to press fairly hard). This transfers your scribble onto the word (similar to tracing).
9. Remove your pieces of paper and discard – you should now have the words “Come as you are” written perfectly in pencil on your top plank of wood!
10. Repeat this process for each line on the remaining 3 planks of wood, so that the full wording for the sign is written in pencil on your wood. (Note; in the video I traced and painted my wording line by line, which you could do if you prefer)
11. Take your 1.5mm white Posca pen (and give it a good shake before you use it!) and trace over the pencil outline of your words on your wood
12. Once you’ve outline all of your wording in white, use your 2.5mm white Posca pen to fill in the centres (you’ll need to keep shaking the pens throughout to ensure the paint continues to come out)

…And voila! You have your very own wooden ‘no seating plan’ sign!


I love making custom wedding signage for my clients. I’ve designed and crafted everything from fun welcome signs and festival direction signs to quirky order of events signage and much more! Take a look at some of my work below and please get in touch for bookings or if you have any questions about creating bespoke wedding signage.

Designed by me –
Made by The Prop Boutique –
Photo by Glenda Tarling Photography –
Designed by me –
Made by The Prop Boutique –
Photo by Glenda Tarling Photography –

Designed and made by me –

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