DIY Macramé Table Runner

If you’re like us and you adore macramé, why not spruce up your wedding decor with a little DIY by creating this simple and stylish creation that states boho chic all round! This quick and easy DIY macramé table runner is the perfect addition to any table (looks especially retro on a rustic wooden table!) or why not use it to transform your cake table into a bohemian-chic work of art.

What you’ll need to create your macramé table runner:
♢ White craft cord or cotton yarn (between 4 – 6mm thick)
♢ Scissors
♢ Wooden beads (or any of your choice)
♢ Sellotape

Step One…
Measure the length of your table and cut 12 strips of macramé cord approximately 60cm longer than you’d like your table runner to be. If you’d like your table runner to drape down over either end of your table, add an extra 60cm in length to each strip.


Step Two…
Tie all 12 strips into a knot at the top – this will keep the strips secure whilst you’re knotting away! Then section the strips into pairs and tie each pair together so it makes a row of knots. These knots should be about two inches below your giant knot at the top.


Step Three…
Now pair off the adjacent strips of cord to make a new row of knots (as shown below).


Step Four…
Continue this pattern of knotting adjacent strips until you’ve reached the end of the cord (leaving about two inches at the end).


You can use any kind of knot – I created a loop with both strips and pulled the ends through, as shown below.

PicMonkey Collage

Step Five…
Once you’ve reached the end of your cord, untie the original (giant) knot and you’re done! It’s that simple! If you want to adorn your table runner with wooden beads, just thread them onto the strips of cord at either end of your table runner and tie a small knot to secure them in place. If, like mine, your cord is a little thicker, you can wrap sellotape around the ends of the cord before threading on the beads. This will make it easier to attach them.

Plants, Turkish bowls and succulents work really well with your macramé table runner in creating a retro, boho wedding style! Enjoy x


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