How to Pick the Best Shoes for Your Big Day

Your beautiful ivory dress may be everyone’s focal point on your wedding day, but for you, it’ll be your shoes. Just as the experts from Emmaline Bride have iterated, “Wedding shoes can make or break your day.” You’ll spend hours upon hours on your feet, and if you’re not smart about your footwear options, you’re in danger of being the only one not enjoying your own special day. Women often dream of walking down the aisle in iconic red soles from the choice footwear label for ladies around the world, as described by the editors of Lyst when they curated their Christian Louboutin section of the site. But there are other features besides the brand that you must take into account before committing to a pair. While we’re all guilty of making impulse purchases purely based on the aesthetic appeal alone, this is something you cannot afford on your wedding day, when you’re expected to be walking down the aisle and making your way around the reception to mingle with your guests. So, what’s a girl to do to keep her feet happy on her wedding day?


Look at the big picture

Traditional brides might be inclined to look for heels to match their dress, but feel free to explore other types of footwear. The Knot says that sandals and slippers are just as appropriateas strap heels and pumps—it’s a matter of what will complement the hem and fabric of the dress, as well as the level of comfort they provide. Also, think about the setting. Are you getting married in a church with a fancy reception at a hotel, or are you going rustic with an outdoor ceremony with a barnyard reception after? Stilettos and grassy fields don’t exactly work well together. Brides that have had beach weddings have even forgone shoes and worn foot adornments instead. It’s all about the context.


Buy a back-up

You can plan your wedding to the very last detail, but you never know what kind of wardrobe mishaps can happen, including a broken heel or snapped strap. A second pair will act as an insurance policy that will be there in case of these emergencies. Some brides buy separate pairs for photos and dancing, so it’s up to you how you’d like to divide up the pairs. Just make sure that you do have an extra if the circumstance calls for one.


Wear them in!

No matter how comfortable a pair of three-inch pumps are when you test-drive them around the boutique, your feet might tell a different story in the middle of the reception. The first time you wear them should never be the day of the wedding, but rather it should be a few weeks prior. According the Wedding Ideas Magazine, you have to wear them around the house, preferably on carpet, to mould them to your feet.

This is a Guest contributed post from Katherine Green

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