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One aspect of being a wedding planner which I love is that I always get to discover, meet and work with fantastically creative suppliers and when new companies get in touch with me to introduce their services, it’s always really exciting browsing through their talent and work. Harry Michael Photography recently contacted me to with the hope of working together on upcoming weddings and I fell in love with his style from the minute I clicked on his gorgeous website (take a look here!) The creative and natural way he captures weddings are stunning and his impeccable eye for detail means that when browsing through his wedding albums, you can really get a sense of the wedding day and the special moments within it, as he tells a creative story with his photos.

I asked Harry a little more about his photography….

Tell me a little about yourself. Who are you and what do you enjoy doing?

Hello, my name is Harry Michael, I am a creative wedding photographer based in Buckinghamshire. I’ve always loved weddings, and coming from a greek family, I’ve been to plenty of them! So after I began my journey into photography I naturally gravitated towards shooting events and there is no event bigger and cooler than a wedding.

How would you describe your style?

I shoot in a more reportage, documentary style. Very candid. I believe this is the best way to unveil the story and it captures more than just a staged photo of the couple kissing. Of course I do shoot a few posed photographs just to make sure I tick everything off my list.


Why do you enjoy photographing weddings? What is most important to you when shooting a wedding?
I love photographing the people and the moments. The moments that in 20, 50 years from now still spark a reaction from the person viewing them. I love capturing the moments of laughter, tears, joy and you’ve got to love those moments of embarrassment from the groom as the best man makes his speech. What is most important to me about shooting weddings, is that I go to bed that night fully confident that I did everything I could to truly encompass the day in photographs. On top of that it is also really important to me that the couple feel comfortable and I achieve this by really building a rapport with them much before their big day.

What different services do you offer?
My services are simple – pre-wedding consultation, engagement shoot, full day coverage (that’s right, I don’t leave after the first dance, but stay until the very end). My couples receive a customised USB stick containing over 500 edited images, a password protected online slideshow and  a guarantee that I won’t say “cheese!” or suggest that the groomsmen holds the bride across their arms!


How would you describe your business in three words?

Eccentric. Witty. Efficient…. and cool, but thats four words.

Can you give me some information on your pricing structure?

To keep things simple I only offer one package. It’s £1000 and it includes: Pre wedding consultation, engagement shoot, all day coverage (I stay ‘till the party is over!,) A gorgeous USB with 500+ fully edited images, license to print & share from USB and an online slideshow. Now thats a lot of stuff!


Where are you based? How far are you willing to travel for weddings?

I am currently based in Buckinghamshire, and have worked a lot around here and a few times in London. I am willing to travel anywhere for a good wedding though.

What makes you different to your competitors?

Hmm, I don’t know many who are willing to stay for as long as I do. I’ve literally had a couple weddings where I got home at 2 or 3 in the morning, and I’m very glad I stayed that late because that’s when you get some hilarious shots! Some people may say that it’s too much and no one wants to look through that many photos, but I assure those people I am very selective with my pictures and I deliver a very pleasing and consumable amount of photos. Also how comfortable I can make couples feel. It’s a very nerve racking day and most of these couples haven’t been in front of a camera so much in their life, this is also the reason I like to include engagement shoots in my package, so I can build a rapport with the couple.


What sort of couple do you think you attract?

All sorts! Old, young, gay, I’ll shoot for all of them, and I love it!

What would be your ideal wedding to work on?

Bohemian, vintage style weddings.


What, in your opinion, makes the perfect wedding photo?
Hmm, this is a tricky one! To me, the perfect photo is capturing the candid, romantic moments shared between the bride and groom. I’m picturing a sweet look in the evening, the kind of photo that truly shows the love between them and sums up their whole day.

What is your advice to brides and grooms when planning their wedding?

The cake gets eaten, the flowers die. The only thing that lives on are the photos, so hire a good photographer.


What inspires you and your brand/business?
My brand is inspired by everything non traditional and quirky, different angles and styles and really connecting with the people who have entrusted you to capture their special day.

What trends in wedding photography are you seeing this year?
I am seeing a soaring use of tilt-shift lenses being using for portraits against big backgrounds. I believe it’s an effect that was recently popularised by Instagram (you know, the one that blurs the top and bottom of your picture leaving the middle in focus) but now a lot of photographers and myself alike are using tilt shift lenses to capture that style in camera, and I must say, it’s very cool. 

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For more info on Harry Michael Photography, or to book him for your wedding, head over to  

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