Real Wedding: Holly & George’s DIY Wedding at Hastoe Village Hall

I’m not sure if many of you know, but as well as being an independent wedding planner and stylist, I am also the in-house wedding coordinator for Hastoe Village Hall, a gorgeously quaint venue in Hastoe, near Tring, Buckinghamshire. Today I’m very excited to be sharing with you some stunning photos by the talented Matt Horan from a real wedding at Hastoe Village Hall. The couple, Holly and George, got married at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and had their reception at the Hastoe Hall. Their wedding is filled with DIY elements, and they asked lots of their family and friends to be involved in making, crafting and creating their wedding, from Holly’s autumnal bouquet and their home-baked wedding cake to handmade bunting and a DIY bar! Check out the stylish décor elements within Holly and George’s wedding below. Enjoy!

hollyandgeorge001b hollyandgeorge023b hollyandgeorge024b hollyandgeorge032 hollyandgeorge037b hollyandgeorge041b hollyandgeorge057b hollyandgeorge079b hollyandgeorge104b hollyandgeorge114b hollyandgeorge121b hollyandgeorge172b hollyandgeorge177b hollyandgeorge179b hollyandgeorge258b hollyandgeorge268b hollyandgeorge334b hollyandgeorge358b hollyandgeorge366b hollyandgeorge422b hollyandgeorge442 hollyandgeorge456b hollyandgeorge517b hollyandgeorge518b hollyandgeorge519b hollyandgeorge526b hollyandgeorge533 hollyandgeorge536 hollyandgeorge538b hollyandgeorge542b hollyandgeorge568 hollyandgeorge573b hollyandgeorge587b hollyandgeorge590b hollyandgeorge593b hollyandgeorge604b hollyandgeorge605b hollyandgeorge614b hollyandgeorge669b hollyandgeorge750b hollyandgeorge804b hollyandgeorge841b hollyandgeorge846b hollyandgeorge871b

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