10 Signature Cocktails for Summer Weddings

What do you and your spouse-to-be want from your wedding… A day that is unforgettable, fun and infused with personality? But how do you create such individuality?… In the details, of course! This can be anything from the invitations to the canapés to the ceremony readings. Modern couples want all the details of their big day to compliment who they are as a couple, their style and tastes.

Creating signature cocktails that match your colour palette (and taste amazing!) is a fun way to personalise your bar menu and share your favourite beverages with your friends and family. They can be tied into the overall look of your wedding, to really accentuate your style. Check out some inspiration boards I’ve put together to show off my favourite creative cocktails. Enjoy! Signature Cocktails 1

1. Raspberry Beer Cocktail 
2. Lavender Martini 
3. Blood Orange Margarita 
4. Double Lemon Drop
5. Le Blue Wave 

Signature Cocktails 2

6. Rhubarbaritas 
7. Elderflower White Cosmopolitan 
8. Honey Mint Peach Julep 
9. Spring Flowers
10. Summer S’mores Martini 

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